International Online Workshop on

Design and Museology in Historical Buildings

Case Studies in Italy

December 2023 | Tehran, Iran

International Workshop on Design and Museology in Historical Buildings Case Studies in Italy 2023

About Workshop

The design of historical buildings poses both a challenge and an opportunity for their transformation into museums and galleries. On the one hand, these structures can provide a beautiful and captivating landscape for visitors. On the other hand, they can impose limitations on the design and installation of exhibitions.

For example, it is important to preserve the historical value of a building. This includes preserving the original materials and construction elements of the building, as well as maintaining its interior and exterior spaces. Museums and galleries should provide an engaging and educational space for visitors. This involves using lighting, color, and other design elements to create an attractive visual experience. Additionally, museums and galleries should consider the needs of visitors. This includes providing accessibility facilities for people with disabilities and making information and interpretation available to all visitors.

Several examples of successful museology projects in historical buildings in Italy can be highlighted, such as the National Opera Museum in Florence (located in a 14th-century church, the exhibitions are designed to preserve the overall space of the church. They utilize new technologies to create an interactive experience for visitors), and the National Museum of Rome (situated in a collection of historical buildings, the exhibitions are designed to depict the history and culture of Rome. They use artistic works and other historical objects to create a coherent narrative).

This project illustrates how historical buildings can be transformed into successful museums and galleries. By designing and installing creative exhibitions, museum curators can preserve the historical space while creating an engaging and educational experience for visitors.

The AFAMarts, in collaboration with Professor Maria Margarita Segra Logons, a member of the faculty and a full professor at the University of Romatre Italy, organizes its first educational workshop on the reconstruction, design, and transformation of historical buildings into museums and art galleries. This workshop is dedicated to students in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, archaeology, and industrial design. Moreover, enthusiasts in the fields of museum studies and art gallery design are also welcome to participate in this specialized workshop.

Dr. Maria Margarita

The researcher and professor of architectural conservation in the Architecture Department at the University of Romatre and the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering at the University of Proja, Italy. For three years, they served as the head of ICOMOS Italy, a member of the ICOMOS and ICOM associations, and a member of the board of the Academia Nacional de Arquitectura (Mexico). They are also an honorary member of the ISCARSAH-ICOMOS Association. They have designed several conservation interventions, supervised architectural and interior design exhibitions, and published books and articles on the history and preservation of architectural heritage and objects.

The following will be taught in this workshop

  • Design and the process of redesigning historical buildings
  • Familiarity with the methods of repurposing historical buildings into museums and art galleries
  • Understanding the experiences of the master in repurposing successful Italian projects
First Session
Time: 18:30
Wednesday, December 6, 2023
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Second Session
Time: 18:30