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Cultural-Art Afam institute, “Afam Events”, a subsystem of “Afam Art Institution’s Holdings”, was established in 2012 by the efforts of a group of the Iranian professors and statesmen. With its slogan of “everyone has a right to choose”, the system founded a well-equipped secretariat for the entire scientific and business events and it has been able to assemble an effective, dynamic and successful secretariat with the inter-organizational and extra-organizational collaborations. The experience of setting up joint events between AFAM and public and private organizations within and outside the border in recent years has confirmed that any professional work can achieve a great result by collaborating and measuring the abilities of the parties. The subsets of Afam events consist of four sections: conference, workshop, festival and exhibition, each of which is used for a purpose.
The secretariat of the event is an institution above all the members of the event, which can supervise and intervene in all the current affairs of the events. Therefore, creating scientific and practical solutions for these members and having the upper independent decision-making power at each stage of the work can be an effective way to advance or eliminate one or more stages of the event.

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